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Diabetic Products
Meters and Strips

Proper management of diabetes is critical in preventing serious long-term complications. Choose from a wide variety of meters and strips.
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Braces and Uplifts

We carry a variety of comfortable braces to support your back, wrist, and knee. Having trouble standing after sitting?
An uplift seat can help.Find Out More

Intermittent, Closed,
External, & French

We realize the importance of maintaining a normal lifestyle and how catheters assist you to do so. We carry 4 types to fit your needs.Find Out More


Clamps and Vacuums

Diabetes can be overwhelming especially when you experience diabetic impotence. We offer drug-free products that can be up to 90% effective. Find Out More

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If you’re looking for a one-stop place to go for home care supplies, you’re at the right place.
We make it easy to stay active and healthy!

A1Ability offers a wide range of durable medical products and durable medical equipment as well as full-service mail-order diabetic supplies. We can supply all of your home health care needs with just one visit and accept Medicare, Medicare part D and most other medical insurance plans.